Adventure Park

Adventure Park

Adventure Park Geelong is Victoria’s biggest theme park and is located just over an hour from Melbourne on the Bellarine Peninsula.

We look after the PR, media relations, celebrity engagement and blogger outreach strategy. An active PR and media relations program has raised the profile of Adventure Park and its services to the key target market of Melbourne and Geelong families with children aged from 2-12.

Gemini works with the team at Adventure Park and has developed and implemented an integrated and dynamic PR and media relations strategy to raise awareness of the Park, its activities and offerings over the summer season.

Specifically we deliver:

– Media relations – working with traditional media across it’s travel sections, news and across what’s on, competitions, school holiday event listings

– Media famil program – to bring travel and lifestyle journalists to Adventure Park throughout the season to write positive reviews and stories on the Park

– Blogger engagement program – including a mix of travel and lifestyle bloggers, family bloggers and ‘mummy bloggers’

– Celebrity outreach program – a targeted program of inviting celebrities to AP during the summer season so we can promote their visits via SM and through the celebrity’s own communication channels

- Ongoing brand campaign work to keep Adventure Park top of mind to media and the best water park experience in Victoria


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